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Working from Home? Shred One KC has Your Shred Solutions in the Bag!

Over the past several months, many of us have shifted from going into the office to working from the kitchen table or our own home office. This means more confidential company information and customer data are being processed remotely in a less controlled environment, which can lead to increased liability … read more

Now Hiring!

Job One is hiring for the following positions: NEW – AbilityOne – Part-time Custodian – M & Thursday 6:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m., $12.93/hour. Recruiting Center of Kansas City (15303 Andrews Rd, KCMO 64147) – Job link below. NEW – Part-time Custodian – M-F 4:00 -6:00 p.m., $10/hr. Center for … read more

Job One Training: Self-Compassion

According to Kristin Neff, author and associate professor in the University of Texas at Austin’s department of educational psychology, Self-Compassion is composed of three main components – self-kindness, common humanity, and  mindfulness. Here are a few strategies you can try to deepen or create a self-compassion practice. Treat yourself like you would your … read more

Job One’s Summer Work Experience Program serves record number of students

For the fifth year in a row, the Job One Careers Program has partnered with local business and organizations to provide jobs for high school junior and senior students this summer. The Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) provides students with intellectual and developmental disabilities real life work experiences and the … read more

Job One Training: What are Your Money Values?

Your values are those ideas and beliefs that really matter to you. Your values will determine what you will do with your money. Asking yourself, “How do I use my money now?” will tell you a lot about your money values.   People use money two ways:   They buy things they … read more

Job One Training: Let’s Explore a Painting!

Georges Seurat painted this famous oil on canvas painting and it is one of his most famous pieces. Seurat used a technique know as Pointillism: a technique where the artist uses small dots of various colors to form an image. This technique requires a lot of patience and concentration.   In … read more

Job One Training: Perform One Act of Kindness

When is the last time you did something nice for someone else? Try to do one act of kindness per day to support your mental health. This could be: volunteering assisting someone to complete something taking the time to listen to a friend When you help others, it builds your self-esteem and … read more

Job One Journey: Night Three

Welcome to our FINAL night of Journey, Job One’s Fundraiser! We have enjoyed hosting you at our virtual event. Getting to share our mission is a joy; thank you for joining and supporting us! You can help us achieve our minivan goal by: donating directly to our website bidding on auction items … read more

Job One Training: Appreciate The Small Stuff

Today’s Mental Health Moment … Appreciate the Small Stuff  Life is full of challenging and rewarding moments. These are the big moments in life that generally require much of out attention. BUT DON’T NEGLECT THE SMALL STUFF! Take a moment each day to enjoy one small thing in your life. This … read more

Job One Journey: Night Two

Welcome back, to night two of our fundraising event, Journey! Job One is delighted to have you join us as we continue to share our mission and stories of the people we serve. You can help us achieve our minivan goal by: donating directly to our website bidding on auction … read more