Love Yourself: How To Be Your Own Advocate!

Happy February from Your Employee Resource Advocate! Have you ever advocated for yourself or someone else? Being your own advocate means that you ask for what you need while respecting the needs of others. For example, if you need to check out at the grocery store but the clerk seems … read more

Shred for Safety––Reduce Your Risk!

As tax season gets underway, it’s a great time to take stock of your data and paperwork to see how you can limit your exposure for identity theft or misuse of sensitive information. Whether for your business or personal records, commercial shredding is the best, most secure and environmentally responsible … read more

Happy New Year from Your Employee Resource Advocate

The New Year is a great time to think about your goals for 2020! What changes would you like to see in your new year? What goals can you use to improve your life? Your goal may be to lead a healthier life, save more money, spend more time with … read more

How to ensure job opportunities for individuals with disabilities

Providing employment choices and job opportunities for individuals with all levels of disability are central components to Job One’s mission. We are strong proponents of offering integrated community employment options and have an entire team dedicated to developing community job opportunities with our Job One Careers division. However, for many … read more

Happy Holidays from your Employee Resource Advocate 🎄

Happy Holidays from your Employee Resource Advocate! The holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy the company of loved ones. Everyone celebrates differently with unique traditions that create special memories.  While you’re celebrating this year, remember that this time of year can sometimes be difficult for some of our … read more

Meet Job One Board Vice Chair, Gary Abram

Job One welcomed Gary Abram to the Board of Directors in July 2018. Gary was drawn to the mission of Job One with a firm belief that “honest work is noble” and that a job can bring purpose and deeper meaning to individual lives. He was struck by the impact … read more

Shining Stars Q&A with KSHB’s Lindsey Anderson

Job One’s annual employee holiday celebration, Shining Stars, is a big event to recognize the achievements of our outstanding team members. Employees and their families, caregivers and friends join together with members of the Job One board, staff, customers and community members for fellowship and holiday fun. This event hosts … read more

Healthy Holiday Tips from your Employee Resource Advocate

Happy November from your Employee Resource Advocate! This time of year is all about eating good food and enjoying the company of our family and friends. While you’re enjoying all the celebrations, remember to take care of your health! Try to think back to what Mr. Joe, a researcher with … read more

Bulk vs. Routine Paper Shredding: What’s Right for Your Business

Shred One KC is the only local social enterprise shred operation in the Kansas City area offering document shredding and digital media destruction. We are NAID AAA certified and are dedicated to protecting your private information throughout the process. Security and peace of mind are our priorities. As a division … read more

Meet Job One Board Chair, Dick Nightingale

In July 2019, Dick Nightingale assumed the role of Job One Board Chair with the start of the organization’s 2020 fiscal year. Dick has served as a member of the Job One board of directors for over 6 years, with leadership roles on various board committees. He lives and works … read more