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Employee Success Story: Kyle

Meet Kyle! He started off as an employee at Job One’s Packaging & Assembly facility and is currently an employee in our Shred One KC division. Kyle does not let his disability stand in his way. He is a dedicated worker who goes above and beyond. Recently, he decided to … read more

Kansas City Chamber of Commerce: Diversity & Inclusion Workshop Series

A huge thank you to our friends at the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce for inviting Job One to be a featured speaker at their Diversity & Inclusion Workshop Series. Our topic, Neuro Diversity: Superpowers & Kryptonite, when hiring an individual with a developmental disability, reviewed the following topics: … read more

Town Hall Meeting: P&A

We encourage all Packaging & Assembly staff and employees to participate in our Town Hall Meeting Monday, September 21 at 6pm. This meeting will take place virtually via Zoom and participants may use the web or dial-in features. Note: participants will be muted, but will be encouraged to use the … read more

Fundraiser for Job One: Garbage Bag Sales

Your wait is over. The GARBAGE BAG SALES EVENT is officially here. There are three ways to purchase: Notify your favorite Job One Employee, Staff Member, or Board Member. They can take your order and collect payment. Call Job One directly and place your order. Have your credit card ready! … read more

Job One Training: Voting

Make Your Voice Heard!  Voting is your responsibility as a citizen of the United States. Voting is how we make changes in our country. It is how we tell our government what we want our country to look like. Voting can sometimes be confusing or seem too complicated, but do … read more

Restructure at Job One Aligns Programs & Remains Mission Focused

Job One today announced a strategic restructuring as they work to create a sustainable, durable business model that supports their mission of building and creating employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. The restructuring includes the creation of two new roles at Job One, a simplification of reporting and shift of … read more

Working from Home? Shred One KC has Your Shred Solutions in the Bag!

Over the past several months, many of us have shifted from going into the office to working from the kitchen table or our own home office. This means more confidential company information and customer data are being processed remotely in a less controlled environment, which can lead to increased liability … read more

Instagram Links

Show your support for inclusive employment by making a reoccurring donation or a one-time contribution by clicking HERE. Does your company keep medical records in the office? The best way to protect your clients’ health records and to avoid liability is to shred expired records on time. Learn how our … read more

Now Hiring!

Job One is hiring for the following positions: NEW – AbilityOne – Part-time Custodian – M & Thursday 6:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m., $12.93/hour. Recruiting Center of Kansas City (15303 Andrews Rd, KCMO 64147) – Job link below. NEW – Part-time Custodian – M-F 4:00 -6:00 p.m., $10/hr. Center for … read more