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Job One Training: Personal Hygiene

There are many benefits to taking care of your body and choosing good grooming habits. You can feel extra confident about yourself, radiate a sense of self-esteem, and make (positive) lasting impressions quickly. Did you know? Body smells can be caused by different things. What can you do to prevent … read more

Job One Training: Get Some Sleep!

GET SOME SLEEP!  With so much happening in our world, it can make it difficult to relax and fall asleep. This can be more than just an annoyance; it can hurt your mental health! Adults should generally get about 8 whole hours of sleep per night. When you sleep, your … read more

Job One Training: Employee Entry Procedures

Safety Training: PPE & Entry Procedures After two weeks of having the first phase of employees return to Job One, we are so proud of how well everyone has adjusted to the new safety measures. One of the biggest changes employees will notice upon returning to work is the entry … read more

Job One Employee Survey Results

    Each January, we survey our employees and take their feedback very seriously. Overall, we are doing very well in the eyes of our employees. While we always have room for improvement, we are pleased with these results.

Job One Training: Lunchroom Etiquette

YIKES! Check out Karen, Shae, and Cristy in this video where their table manners need some adjustments. Can you name the bad behaviors as they are happening? How many do you see?

Job One Training: This Work Takes Love

This Work Takes Love  Today in our country, many Americans are feeling upset, angry, paralyzed, shocked, sad, or outraged by the continued murdering and mistreatment of our African American community. This oppression, disrespect and injustice is nothing new. For hundreds of years, black Americans have fought and given their lives for basic equality without being heard. It is our … read more

Job One Training: Fire Extinguisher

Safety Training: Fire Extinguisher Job One staff and employees do an excellent job of making safety a priority year round. Today, we practiced the PASS Technique for using a Fire Extinguisher.

Job One Training: Tape Gun

Safety Training: Tape Gun Job One staff and employees do an excellent job of making safety a priority year round, but each May we have a special focus on safety education.  For this year, the staff decided to make videos demonstrating the proper way to use different equipment and to … read more

Job One Training: Get to Know Shred One KC

Shred One KC: Shred With Purpose Kansas City’s only local social enterprise operation offering paper shredding, hard drive and digital media destruction. At Shred One KC, we’re dedicated to helping protect your private information, maintain legislative compliance, lower your risk of data breaches and protect your public image. Shred One … read more

Lockton partners with Job One to provide PPE kits

Job One provides packaging and assembly services at our production workshop facilities for many diverse companies and organizations across the Kansas City region. Our management team takes pride in monitoring the productivity, performance, product integrity and production timelines, so our customers can focus on other business priorities. A recent customer … read more