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Job One Love Story: Meet Natalie & Jonathan

Length of relationship: It will be 15 years on April 27th – we moved in together 7 years ago. How they met: At Job One. We were co-workers, then friends. To console Jonathan as he was dealing with a bad break-up, Natalie informed him “If I were with you, I … read more

LOVE is for Everyone.

True or False: Relationships with people with disabilities are one-sided. FALSE. Individuals experiencing disabilities, can also experience love. These individuals are capable of love, being loved, and having meaningful relationships. True or False: People with disabilities are less deserving of a long-term relationship. FALSE. Who doesn’t desire and deserve to … read more

Job One Training: Guardianship: Know Your Rights

Most people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can manage their own affairs with assistance and guidance from others, such as family and friends.  If guardianship is necessary, it should be tailored to the person’s needs.  Strict monitoring must be in place to protect the best interests and preferences of each person (AAIDD,2016).

Job One Training: Making Informed Choices

Life gives us so many opportunities to make choices. Some choices are easy; Some decisions can be complicated. Making decisions can sometimes be difficult because the choices we make will affect our lives or the lives of others. Each decision or choice will have positive or negative consequences. Remember, the best choice can be different for each person.  … read more

Job One Training: Mental Health Wellness

The challenging year of 2020 ended on a positive note – coronavirus vaccines are being administered across the United States. But as the country embraces winter, it is important to remember that many continue to struggle.  It is OK for things not to feel OK.  The holidays are not just … read more

Job One Training: What is a Job Accommodation?

The following information as well as additional resources can be found at:  Accommodations | U.S. Department of Labor (  What is a Job Accommodation?  Under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a job, the work environment, or the way things … read more

Job One Training: Snow Safety

Snow – Having Fun and Staying Safe! The falling snow brings lots of changes that affect everyone; changes in weather, driving, traveling, playing outside, and clothing.As much as people complain about the snow and cold, it can be fun too. Winter isn’t the time to stay indoors and wait for … read more

Job One Training: Self-Determination

Self-Determination is…❖ Knowing and believing in yourself❖ Knowing what you want your future to be and how to make plans to achieve this future❖ Knowing what supports you need to take control of your life Click HERE to work through a Self-Determination Worksheet. Self-Determination is not always easy. If your … read more

Job One Training: How to Stay Connected While Disconnected

This pandemic has impacted everyone in unique ways. One impact that we all can feel is the distance from others. Being socially isolated from your friends and loved ones is beyond difficult, especially when you’re coping with all the other changes the pandemic has brought us. Social connection is not … read more

Job One Training: Talking About My Disability

One of the most personal decisions you will make as a person with a disability is whether or not to tell someone about your disability. The choice to talk about your disability is yours and yours alone.   When making important decisions in life, it is important to make informed choices. An informed choice is the process of making a decision after considering … read more