A Day for Choice: Why Advocacy Matters

On Tuesday, April 16th, the local chapter of the Missouri A-Team (“A” stands for Advocacy) comprised of Job One employees, family members and friends, attended “A Day for Choice” at the Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri. They joined other A-Team groups from across the state to advocate for themselves and … read more

Social Enterprise vs. Nonprofit

Job One has been serving our community in the Kansas City region for over fifty years with a mission of providing job choices and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We are a nonprofit organization, but our model is unique from many nonprofits, in that we have revenue-generating business units that … read more

Local A-Team Launches at Job One!

Job One is excited to announce the formation of a local A-Team Chapter! The Missouri A-Team organization was formed to provide individuals with disabilities, their guardians, caregivers and concerned community members a way to be active participants for the advocacy of employment choices for adults with disabilities. The “A” in … read more

10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Not Shred Documents In House

Keeping confidential information secure is critical to the overall health of your business ––especially if you have client, personal, financial or medical data on file. Secure destruction of sensitive documents and media is no longer optional – it’s the law. A data breach, no matter how small, could put your … read more

Ringing In 2019 with Staff Development and Growth

Happy 2019! Another busy and exciting year at Job One is officially in the books! A website redesign, expanded fund development efforts, a continued partnership with AbilityOne, and ongoing growth in our Careers program offerings are a few milestones that I’m proud Job One accomplished in 2018. And none of … read more

A Gift to Job One Straight from the Heart

In January of 2018, Job One received a very generous $50,000 gift to be paid over four years from the John C. Griswold Family Foundation. The commitment for the grant was made by David Earls, grandson of Mr. Griswold who is a part of the family foundation. David Earls and … read more

Giving Thanks

We have much to give thanks for at Job One. We are grateful for: Our supportive, engaged Board of Directors Generous donors & community supporters Hard-working staff who balance compassion and business expertise to ensure the success of those we serve Advocates who strive to ensure choices for individuals with disabilities Above all, we appreciate … read more

Our Annual Trash Bag Fundraiser

It is time for our annual trash bag fundraiser! To make an order, email Kimberly Hankins at khankins@jobonekc.org. These are quality bags suitable in size and strength for our trash needs and the yard work we will be starting soon. These bags are twice as thick as Hefty’s bags and … read more

Advocating for Choices and Change: Wages, opportunities and the realities of 14(c)

Job One has been committed to providing employment opportunities since our beginnings over 50 years ago. Our organization was started by parents, caregivers and concerned community members who joined together to create opportunities for individuals in their lives who happened to have disabilities and were limited in their employment choices … read more