Meet Job One Board Chair, Dick Nightingale

In July 2019, Dick Nightingale assumed the role of Job One Board Chair with the start of the organization’s 2020 fiscal year. Dick has served as a member of the Job One board of directors for over 6 years, with leadership roles on various board committees. He lives and works in Eastern Jackson County and is Vice President of Midland Paper in Blue Springs, Missouri.

So what drives Dick Nightingale to serve and why Job One?

Job One’s mission is to provide employment choices and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Advocating for this mission is an endeavor near and dear to Dick Nightingale’s heart. Dick is the proud parent of Scott, who happens to be an employee at Job One. Scott has worked in Job One’s Packaging and Assembly Workshop for 11 years. Dick has seen firsthand the impact of purposeful employment has for his son. Scott has thrived in his position. He has achieved new levels of independence and self-sufficiency. He has learned new career skills and formed positive relationships with co-workers. Above all else, Scott has secured a sense of accomplishment and personal achievement through his employment with Job One in a safe, secure, and caring work environment with a team who understands his unique needs. Protecting and expanding the opportunities Job One can provide for his son – and others who happen to have disabilities – is a priority for Dick.

Over the next two years of Dick Nightingale’s term as Job One Board Chair, the organization is on a path for growth and development with a new strategic plan already in place. Dick is a passionate, insightful and action-oriented leader. The employees, staff and leadership of Job One are excited to have Dick at the helm of Job One’s board.