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Job One’s mission is to build skills and connections that create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Job One envisions a world where people with disabilities are active participants in the labor force.

Job One Values P.E.O.P.L.E.

Professionalism – Fostering physically and emotionally safe work environments where all are respected.
Empowerment – Inspiring the staff & employees to make good decisions each day, and being accountable for our actions.
Opportunities – Welcoming workforce diversity and ensuring equal treatment for all regardless of ethnicity, race, disability, or gender.
Partnerships – Collaborating with people and groups inside and outside of Job One to achieve our mission and establish a culture of teamwork.
Leadership – Demonstrating honesty and integrity, while nurturing individual talents to be relevant today and ready for tomorrow.
Excellence – Celebrating small successes in our journey to triumph big, with unwavering dedication to giving out best and delivering unmatched service.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2020
Strategic Plan 2020 Covid Addendum