Job One Training: Coping -

Job One Training: Coping

What is Coping? 

What do you do when feelings of stress or anger overwhelm you? If you let those feelings build up or pour out, it could negatively impact your relationships and ultimately your life. Everyone has anger and stress; What is important is how we cope or tolerate these feelings.  

What Does Coping Look Like? 

  • Exercise. Go for a walk or run. When you wear yourself out, it’s easier to relax. 
  • Take a bath or shower 
  • Meditate or sit peacefully and think of only happy thoughts 
  • Sing a song. (If you sing a silly song out loud, it might make you laugh) 
  • Give yourself a pep talk OUT LOUD. Looking at yourself in a mirror or on video helps. 
  • Make a To-Do list. Focus on your time and what you do with it. 
  • Ask for support. Talking something through or “processing” with someone can help clarify your feelings. 
  • Check your boundaries with friends and family. Is something taking up too much energy right now? 
Healthy coping skills help you tolerate, minimize, and deal with stressful situations in life. Do you have healthy coping skills to get you through tough times? The Coping Tree has a lot of great, healthy, suggestions on each leaf for ways to cope.
Do the worksheet sharing the 10 Coping Methods you prefer to utilize and email it to