Job One KC | Job Seekers

Job One Operating Divisions

Production Services

Assembly, packaging, sorting, kitting, inspection, receptionist duties, mailing duties, janitorial and other production work at skill-development facilities in Grandview and Independence.

Shred One KC

Information destruction at an underground facility in Independence. Jobs include light sorting, operating industrial shredding equipment and balers, material handling, warehousing, and assisting route drivers.

AbilityOne® Contracts

Various jobs at federal facilities in the Kansas City area, from janitorial and mailroom services to administrative services and data entry.

Staffing Services

Long-term contract or temporary placements at community businesses —bank, law office, warehouse, nonprofit, etc. Types of work include clerical/administrative, mailroom services, janitorial and packaging.

Job One Careers

Job One Careers clients are referred to one of two programs, Employment Services or Supported Employment. The specific program is determined by the Vocational Rehabilitation counselor. General services that are provided include:

  • Vocational Counseling and Guidance
  • Employee Development
  • Job Development
  • Job Placement Services
  • Job Training

A more detailed description of the services is outlined below.

Employment Services: (ES)

Clients referred to Employment Services will begin with Employee/Job Development. Activities in this stage include resume development, job applications, job interview rehearsal and attendance/support on actual job interviews. Careers staff will assist facilitation of this process. It may take several days or weeks to complete this phase and the client is ultimately responsible for forward movement of the process. Employment Services through Careers concludes when a job is secured and all proper paperwork has been filed through Careers to the office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Supported Employment: (SE)

Clients referred to Supported Employment services will begin with assessment and exploration of interests, abilities and preferences and how that can translate to successful career choices. Staff provide assistance with resume development, interview preparation, and soft skill development, which are all necessary to be successful at work. Careers staff are available to attend/provide support for job interviews and facilitate the hiring process. Once hired, Careers will work with the client, Vocational Rehabilitation counselor and the employer to determine the level of support and training needed for success on the job.