As you are all aware the Coronavirus is causing concern globally and in recent days has started to spread in parts of the United States.  As a result, many governmental agencies and private corporations are making decisions to restrict access to certain buildings, allow some workers to telecommute and cancel events such as concerts and competitions.  I’m certain that this will continue to escalate, and things will appear to get much worse in the coming days and weeks.  However, I don’t think we should panic.  My suggestion is that Job One take a very rational and measured approach to the virus.

First, we want to do as much as humanly possible in our work environment and in our work interactions to not potentially spread the virus or any other type of infectious disease.  For years I’ve been extremely proud of our housekeeping and cleanliness at Job One.  This must continue.  Also, we should limit physical contact with one another until further notice.  Please Click Here to see the measures taking place at Job One; several important and effective suggestions to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Finally, until further notice all Job One business operations will remain open.  If you are not feeling well, please do not come to work. If you have a position that allows you to appropriately telecommute, you may do that.  Please just use good adult judgement and consult with your supervisor.

We will be monitoring the situation daily and I will be communicating with you as the circumstance dictates.

Aaron Martin
President & CEO