Services for Our Employees Suspend Temporarily; Business Operations Continue

In response to the continuously developing situation & regulatory recommendations regarding the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, service operations are temporarily suspended for most Job One workers with disabilities; all staff members will continue to work their normal schedule. All Job One business operations will continue during this time.

Staff members are encouraged to practice social distancing and to telecommute when possible.

  • Packaging & Assembly: No Employees
  • Shred One KC: No Employees
  • Recycling: No Employees
  • Careers: Employees should follow their employer’s guidelines
  • Community Employment: Employees should follow their employer’s guidelines
  • Ability One: Employees will continue to report to work

*Note this is subject to change at any time.

Job One & Shred One KC will continue to monitor circumstances surrounding the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic and assess the need for any extended closure beyond the week of March 16-20. We thank you for understanding and working with us to protect the safety and well-being of our employees, staff, and their families.