Shred for Safety––Reduce Your Risk!

As tax season gets underway, it’s a great time to take stock of your data and paperwork to see how you can limit your exposure for identity theft or misuse of sensitive information. Whether for your business or personal records, commercial shredding is the best, most secure and environmentally responsible way to destroy paper documents, digital data and computer hard drives. Fortunately, for businesses and residents in the Kansas City area, Shred One KC, based in Independence, Missouri, is a locally owned, cost-effective commercial shredding operation.

In addition to being a nonprofit social enterprise that provides jobs for individuals with disabilities, Shred One KC has earned a reputation for delivering excellent service for companies across the Kansas City metro. From banks and financial institutions to medical and legal offices to insurance companies to diverse small businesses, large corporations and government agencies, Shred One KC is the local shredding provider they trust to manage secure collection, transport and destruction of their private documents and data.

View a few of Shred One KC’s testimonials below:

“As a bank we need to ensure that confidential information is securely and safely destroyed. Shred One KC makes the process easy by providing secure bins and collecting the shred on a weekly basis. They have been a great partner for Blue Ridge Bank by providing services to safely and securely destroy confidential information.”

– AVP, Blue Ridge Bank & Trust Company

“Our experience with Shred One KC has been outstanding. All the staff are dedicated, efficient, hard-working, and truly make you feel like you are their number one customer! In addition to our monthly shred needs, they have been instrumental in completing several major file destruction projects over the years. We love them!”

Oswald Roam and Rew, LLC

Not having a shred program in place puts you and/or your company at risk. By retaining documents and data longer than recommended by your tax advisor, you are not only creating clutter, you are increasing your exposure to identity theft, fraud and financial harm by others with bad intentions. Professional identity thieves are skilled in harvesting documents and data – even those you think you have torn, cut or destroyed on your own. Shred One KC collects paper documents and data in secure, locked bins and processes materials in industrial shredders where it is pulped for use in recycled products. You can rest easy knowing your materials are safeguarded from any misuse, exposing you to liability.

For more information on Shred One KC’s rotation pick up or file purge services, visit or request a no-obligation quote here. Commercial services for business shredding run as low as $30!