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Job One Careers Offers a Summer Jobs Program

The Job One Careers Program has partnered with local businesses and organizations Colonial GardensSandy’s Restaurant and the Anita B. Gorman Missouri Conservation Center to provide jobs for eight high school juniors this summer. This is our third year offering this the Summer Work Program in which we’ve served over 40 high school students, who happen to have disabilities, with community employment connection. This program is a valuable service to help students with disabilities transition from high school into the workforce.

As we near the completion of our 3rd year participating in the Summer Work Experience Program, we wanted to bring together those who have participated for a time of collaboration and reflection. On Thursday July 22nd,  we gathered for this purpose at the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce. Our goal was to showcase what the participants of the program learned, and to give the students a chance to demonstrate their newly acquired professional skill sets. Members of the Blue Springs School District, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, members of the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce, and representatives from Job One gathered to watch the participants present what they learned and how they grew from their participation in the Summer Work Experience Program.

The students each gave their speeches and answered questions from the audience about their experience and what they learned. We also heard from the management staff from Sandy’s Restaurant and Colonial Gardens who gave feedback about the success of the program from their perspective. The Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce took some video footage of the event to share with the school district, and chamber members alike. Overall the event was a success on all fronts.

The participants had the opportunity to put their networking, professionalism, and communication skills into practice and receive feedback regarding their achievements, while the members of the Blue Springs business community and school district, saw the progress this program has made in the students’ lives and community at large. Lastly, we at Job One as well as the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation were able to measure the success of our program and coaching strategies used by our staff and use it to better prepare transition aged youth for entrance into the workforce.

View photos from this year’s program in the gallery here.

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