Job One Training: Making Informed Choices

informed choice - stick figure next to a check marked box

Life gives us so many opportunities to make choices. Some choices are easy; Some decisions can be complicated. Making decisions can sometimes be difficult because the choices we make will affect our lives or the lives of others. Each decision or choice will have positive or negative consequences. Remember, the best choice can be different for each person. 

How Do I Decide? 

When making a choice, you may find there are many options that may work. There is rarely one specific, correct choice. It is important to consider our choices and the consequences carefully. Making an informed choice means taking some time to inform ourselves or learn more about each option. 

Become Informed 

1. Identify the problem or choice  
2. Gather information about each option 

  • Talk with people you trust 
  • Find out what others have done in similar situations. How did it work out for them? 
  • Listening is critical 

3. Consider personal morals & values

  • How do the choices fit into your core beliefs? 

4. Make the choice

  • Try to leave emotions aside. Let your brain lead the process. 
  • Be timely. Don’t get caught in analysis paralysis.   

5. Review the decision! 

  • After some time has passed, think about your choice.  
  • Do you feel you made the right choice? 

If you do not feel you made the right choice, that is ok! Think about what might have gone wrong in your choice making process. Did you gather enough information? Did you consider your personal values? Do not feel defeated by mistakes. This is how we learn to make better choices in the future. Keep practicing this process and making those big decisions will be a little easier.