LOVE is for Everyone.

True or False: Relationships with people with disabilities are one-sided.

FALSE. Individuals experiencing disabilities, can also experience love. These individuals are capable of love, being loved, and having meaningful relationships.

True or False: People with disabilities are less deserving of a long-term relationship.

FALSE. Who doesn’t desire and deserve to have meaningful relationships? To enjoy the feeling of being loved and appreciated? Individuals of all abilities feel this need. There is no difference between people with disabilities need and desire for healthy and happy relationships and those of non-disabled people.

True or False: People with disabilities do not desire or cannot experience meaningful relationships

FALSE.  Some might be surprised by this because they assume people with disabilities do not date, marry, or desire intimate relationships. Two couples at Job One can absolutely demolish this falsehood. Natalie & Johnathan have been in a committed, loving, healthy relationship for 15 years; their dear friends, Deborah & Frank have experienced wedded bliss for 20 years!