July is Disability Pride Month

Disability. It’s been called the silent “D” in diversity, and after a year of talking about how important it is for institutions and businesses to focus on diversity, this month pushes us to highlight those who our society all too often leaves out. That’s right! July is Disability Pride Month, and it’s not only a time for the disabled community to celebrate who they are, but it’s also a time to better understand how you can become a better ally to our disabled community members.

You can support Disability Pride Month by

  • Ask your peers if they prefer person-first language (individual with disabilities) or identity-first language (disabled person)
  • Advocate for for accessibility at your school, workplace, or the places you patronize
  • Educate – Learn the untaught history of the disability rights movement (An easy place to start is by watching Crip Camp on Netflix)
  • Read books by disabled authors that feature characters with disabilities
  • Schedule a Tour of Job One
  • Host a Neurodiversity Training, presented by Job One
  • Open your business to be an assessment site for Employment Services
  • Become a One Fund Club member