Job One Donor Spotlight: Paric Construction

The support Job One receives from our community truly makes our work possible. Job One donors help provide vital resources that enable us to positively impact the lives of the individuals with disabilities that we serve. This month, we visited with Sherrie Balmer from Paric Construction. The team at Paric Construction have not only been great as a vendor, but they have been generous donors and supporters of the Job One mission. We are thankful for great partners like Paric! Read on for our Q&A with Sherrie Balmer. 


Q: Why do you choose to support Job One?

A: We choose to support Job One because it aligns with our mission. We believe the work Job One does exemplifies enhancing our communities and provides positive opportunities some may not otherwise be given.  

Q: How have you seen Job One make a difference in our community?

A: We have seen Job One make a difference in the community by the employees you have as part of your team. Job One leads by example. In meeting some of the employees and staff this positivity shines brightly. Job One is a true leader; providing people with disabilities in our community opportunities they deserve, and growth to help people succeed.

Q: Why should others support Job One?

A: Job One is an excellent way to help others. People with disabilities deserve opportunities to grow, advance, learn and connect. We appreciate Job One’s dedication to helping others make a difference.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory or moment from your experience with Job One?

A: Many from our team have had the opportunity to work/visit Job One and we all have had wonderful experiences. Nate Brewer was there when the Governor visited, I was meeting with Deloris one day and she and I spent time in the lunchroom talking to employees. It was so wonderful to hear their stories and get to know them. I know Christine and Greg relayed to me how much they enjoyed one of the breakfast events. Hilary has interacted with several employees on visits. We all could give you many great memories. We are proud to be a partner with Job One and look forward to enhancing our partnership.

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