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Job One Helps Unbound Make a Difference, One Letter at a Time

Job One provides packaging and assembly services in our production workshop facilities for many diverse companies and organizations across the Kansas City region. One of those long-time customers is Unbound. Unbound is an international development organization that pairs sponsors in the U.S. with children, youth and elders in the developing world who are overcoming extreme poverty. The sponsors and families they serve develop relationships with each other by exchanging letters and photos. Each year, more than 1.4 million pieces of mail are processed at Unbound’s Kansas headquarters. “Job One plays a critical part in helping us meet our goal of ensuring that each piece of mail, whether coming from a child in rural Guatemala or an elder on an island in the Philippines, is delivered to their sponsor within two weeks of reaching our office,” states Diamond Dixon with Unbound.

Job One employees support the production of these mailings by stuffing envelopes with letters, digital photos and Christmas greetings from children and elders around the world. “We rely on Job One to deliver work in an efficient and timely manner so sponsors can stay in communication with the person they chose to support. We often hear from sponsors that the letters they receive become cherished possessions. Exchanging letters helps the sponsor and their sponsored friend see each other as real people, and we thank Job One for helping us facilitate those special relationships. Our partnership with Job One has blossomed nicely over the years and our internal mail team is continuously impressed with their accuracy and attention to detail,” says Ms. Dixon.

Job One employees take great pride in the jobs they complete for Unbound. While too often their lives are centered around the limitations of their disabilities, these employees are able to thrive using their abilities and grow professionally in a safe, nurturing work environment. Working on projects for organizations like Unbound is life changing for both Job One employees and the individuals served by Unbound. It is truly employment with purpose!

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