Job One Training: Employee Entry Procedures -

Job One Training: Employee Entry Procedures

Safety Training: PPE & Entry Procedures

After two weeks of having the first phase of employees return to Job One, we are so proud of how well everyone has adjusted to the new safety measures. One of the biggest changes employees will notice upon returning to work is the entry procedure.

  • Under staff supervision, employees will enter one at a time.
  • Employee and staff must wear a face mask upon entering facility. If employee does not have a face mask, Job One will provide one.
  • Employees will not be able to congregate or eat in the lunchroom before the workday begins.
  • Employees will be monitored and instructed by staff the direction they are to go to first, putting belongings in lockers and/or in a designated refrigerator. (To reduce touch points, Job One highly recommends individuals bring lunches/snacks in disposable paper/plastic bags that do not require refrigeration, or use other means of food preservation, such as ice packs.)
  • After personal items have been secured, each employee will be instructed to wash their hands, following the 20-second handwashing rule, then to go directly to their designated workspace.
  • Staff will ensure each employee applies hand sanitizer at their workspace before beginning production work.
  • Employee and staff may have their own drink container at their workspace, provided it contains water, has a no-spill lid, and is personalized.
  • Face mask, gloves and hairnet must be personalized and kept at individual’s workspace. Other personal items are not allowed.
  • Employees will not be able to congregate in doorways, pathways, locker area, bathroom or any common area before, during or after the workday. Staff will ensure limited number of individuals and traffic flow in these common areas are compliant with social distancing guidelines.