Job One Employment Services Feature: AbilityOne Contracts

by Aaron Martin

We envision a world where adults with disabilities play an active role in the workforce. These individuals’ success in the job market is made possible by partnering with businesses and organizations that support Job One‘s mission: to build skills and connections that create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. AbilityOne is a Job One partner helping make our vision a reality.

Through this partnership, Job One provides staffing for the federal government in several area installations, including the Kansas City Marines Complex and the Robert Dole Courthouse as an AbilityOne contractor. There, Job One employees perform a variety of professional, mailroom and custodial services. These contracts allow Job One to place adults with disabilities directly into the workforce, where on average, they unrepresented and undervalued.

I recently received a testimonial from one of our federal customers  through David Flowers, Job One’s Contract Director:

Testimonial from AbilityOne Client

“Hi David,

I wanted to give your GSA mailroom team a well-deserved pat on the back! They helped figure out a mystery regarding two boxes that were addressed to a construction project at the old GSA Bannister site.

Apparently, someone at this construction site saw the boxes and erroneously forwarded them to us here at 2300 Pershing. Jason and team helped track down the sender and then put her in touch with me. We were able to get the boxes shipped back to the sender, who was quite thankful.

We’ve got a great staff in the mail room, and I really appreciate working with them. Thanks to you and them for your dedication.

Thank you!”

About AbilityOne

In 1938, the federal government created the Wagner-O’Day Act, enabling nonprofits that served people who were blind to sell products to the Federal Government. The Act was amended in 1971 and was expanded to also help people with other significant disabilities.

The AbilityOne Program is one of the nation’s largest providers of jobs for people with disabilities. The Program uses the purchasing power of the Federal Government to buy products and services from participating nonprofit agencies that train and employ workers with disabilities. Through this program, approximately 45,000 people who are blind or have significant disabilities are employed.

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Statics provided by AbilityOne.