Our Annual Trash Bag Fundraiser

It is time for our annual trash bag fundraiser!

To make an order, email Kimberly Hankins at [email protected].

These are quality bags suitable in size and strength for our trash needs and the yard work we will be starting soon. These bags are twice as thick as Hefty’s bags and people love them!! There are four different bags available, but they all cost the same…..only $11.00 per roll.

Yellow – 39 gallon | 25 bags per roll

Pink – 39 gallon | 25 bags per roll

White – 15 gallon (tall kitchen) | 65 bags per roll

Blue – 55 gallon (supersize) |16 bags per roll

We are taking orders through 11/9/18.  Money must be collected when the order is taken. Checks can be made payable to Job One. Tentatively, the bags will be available for pick-up late November.  

Let’s all get behind this effort. Buy your bag supply from us and offer them to relatives, friends, and neighbors.  
Again, please back us in this effort to make this project a success. All profits from this sale will go toward our employee events.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Coordinator. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued support.


Employee Incentive Fund Raising Team

To order by phone:

Cristy Carpenter:  816-595-1641
Haley Thomason:  816-595-1606
Kimberly Hankins:  816-595-1612
Ryan Simcosky:  816-595-1663