Ringing In 2019 with Staff Development and Growth

Happy 2019! Another busy and exciting year at Job One is officially in the books! A website redesign, expanded fund development efforts, a continued partnership with AbilityOne, and ongoing growth in our Careers program offerings are a few milestones that I’m proud Job One accomplished in 2018. And none of these achievements could be done without the support of our staff, employees, volunteers, donors and disability advocates. Thank you! Your continued support of Job One is how we are able to grow each year. With exciting developments for our business and employment programs, I know Job One has a bright 2019 in the making!

Here are two recent changes at Job One that will help us continue to be a “Business on a Mission” in 2019:

  1. In December we promoted Kim Hankins to Director of Staffing and Recruitment, responsible for strategically filling all Job One staff and employee positions. In this role, she will work closely with management to make sure that positions are being filled throughout Job One promptly and professionally. In addition, Kim will be working to identify community businesses that could benefit from staffing services, expanding what we currently do for companies like UMB Bank and JC Plastics. Companies with long- and short-term staffing needs could contract with us and we will put together integrated crews of people with and without disabilities in customer locations. With this new role, Kim will be a joining the Leadership Team at Job One
  2. With prevailing and minimum wages increasing in Missouri, combined with demand to provide more integrated employment choices, and the growth of our Careers Program, it is necessary for us to create a new job position. This new staff member will help our employees navigate career growth and help solve problems that this growth can cause as they arise. Although we have not yet finalized the job description or posted the position, we will be hiring a Case Manager/Benefits Specialist in the spring of 2019.

We will continue to look for ways to improve our staffing structure and make sure that we are focused on areas of need now and in the future.

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