Job One’s Production Team Completes Thermo Fisher Contract with Help from Local Partners

Job One’s production services have been servicing the Kansas City region for over 50 years. We provide packaging and assembly services at our production workshop facilities for many diverse companies and organizations across the Kansas City metropolitan area. Our management team takes pride in monitoring productivity, performance, product integrity and production timelines, so our customers can focus on other business priorities. 

A recent customer is Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Southwest Enterprise, longtime colleagues of Job One, invited Job One and Blue Valley Industries to help fulfill production orders on their contract with Thermo Fisher. Due to the nature and size of the project, the work had to be done at Thermo Fisher’s Lenexa, Kansas location. 

Our employees were provided transportation services from the eitas bus system to Job One’s Grandview location. Then, their Job Coach used the (new!) Job One van to transport them from Grandview to Lenexa. This offsite work is something Job One employees are capable of and accustomed to. 

Job One’s production service team was tasked with quality control of new vials for COVID-19 tests. These are the vials that contain the sample of the swab tests. Part of the quality control process is the check the labels on every vial. Another team takes the quality-tested vials and packages them into smaller white boxes that will be shipped all over the country. 

We’re happy to report that Job One employees who were previously laid off from our Grandview workshop due work shortages resulting from the pandemic were brought back and are making minimum wage with this Thermo Fisher contract. Our employees are making new friends working alongside the other workshop employees, both with and without disabilities, making this an integrated employment opportunity. We’re very thankful for our partnership with Thermo Fisher and our friends at Southwest Enterprise and Blue Valley Industries. 

This is the second packaging and assembly project that Job One has done to help with COVID-19 efforts across the nation. Read about our help making PPE kits here

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