Job One Love Story: Meet Deborah & Frank

Frank & Deborah

Length of relationship: We just celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary this past December!

How they met: Frank & Deborah worked at IBS Industries before the merger with Foundation Workshop to create Job One. They met there and have been working side-by-side since.

First date:
Deborah: Not sure. That was a long time ago! (Maybe I made him dinner at my place? That was one of our first dates)
Frank: That was a long time ago! I am not sure. Ha!

Deborah:  I call him Frank-O, he calls me Deb-Deb.
Frank: She is my Deb-Deb. I’m Frank-O.

What do you like best about one another?
Deborah: “The first thing I liked about him was his smile. His personality is THE BEST.”
Frank: “She is really smart. I love her.” 

If you could plan a date-night, what would that look like?
Deborah: “Go to a funny movie, get popcorn. Go out to eat after. We also enjoy going to Branson. We went there for our 20th Anniversary!”
Frank: “Movies! Branson for a trip.” 

Individuals experiencing disabilities, can also experience love. These individuals are capable of love, being loved, and having meaningful relationships. LOVE is for everyone.