Community-Based Day Services at Job One

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Job One would like to introduce Community-Based Day Services! The goals of Community-Based Day Services are independence and community inclusion. Unlike the traditional Day programs, Community-Based Day Services (CBDS) are based in the person’s own community rather than a facility. The time, duration and frequency of services will also be individualized for the person’s goals and needs.

CBDS believes that every member of a community is important. Each community member has a special and unique role to play. CBDS supports individuals in becoming fully participating members of their community while also giving back. When we give back to our communities, it gives us experience, confidence, and dignity. It also allows individuals to visit new places and try new things. Trying new things helps to discover what is important to us in life and finding out what matters to each of us is the first step in building a meaningful and happy life.

Services will be individualized and look different for each person based on their personal goals and skills. CBDS will support individualized, community-based skill development in a variety of areas including:

· Safe Independent travel skills
· What to do if lost or in trouble
· Safe interactions with strangers
· Appropriate attire
· Safely using Social Media
· How to be a good friend/partner
· Communication skills
· Safe handling of personal belongings
· Hygiene expectations
· Money management
· How to fish
· How to join/find a club/group
· How to give back to my community
· And MORE!

If you’re interested in learning more about CBDS, contact us at 816-595-1652 or at!